Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I've Returned!

The AIDS/Lifecycle was an amazing experience again. I met another great set of people, stayed free of injuries, and felt much more confident on the bike this year. Here are a few interesting things I discovered on this year's ride:
  • I didn't miss TV at all. Talking with new people let me hear all the interesting stories I could want.
  • It's weird not seeing yourself for a long time. I only shaved twice on the trip, which were also the only two times I saw myself in a mirror. It was a strange feeling realizing you're not sure what you look like after all the sun and riding.
  • People can snore really loudly. At one point two people seemed to be having a snore war; I don't know how they are even breathing hard enough to produce noise at that volume.
  • I always looked forward to riding. I'm taking this week off to let my butt recover, but I'm looking forward to the next time I'm in the saddle.
Thanks again to everyone who donated and supported me. I look forward to riding with many of you in the future!

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David E. Weekly said...

Welcome back!! :) We're looking forward to welcoming you to PBwiki shortly. ;)