Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Looks like it's been a while. I've mostly been traveling.

S was finishing her rotational program at J&J, so I went out to visit. The hotel was nicely situated between Fenway, MIT, and the Boston Public Gardens, all of which I got to visit while walking around.

We had to wait 45 minutes to go on the Sam Adams brewery tour, but the beer at the end made it worth it. The tour itself was pretty short, but the host was funny and knowledgeable. The real standouts of the trip were our two meals at Neptune Oyster where we had raw oysters from all over the country and some of the best fish I've ever had.

Forest Hill
A friend I've known since 3rd grade got married over the weekend, and I was a bridesmaid :) I don't have any pictures of the wedding up yet, but here's a preview (a different wedding):

She has such a great group of friends and I had fun from the rehearsal through the after parties.

I'm writing this from Niwot, CO where PBwiki is having a strategery retreat. Pictures will also be coming from much better photographers than I.

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