Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Let's work on your timing

Our cable internet is down as I right write this, so I'm on hold with Comcast. Perhaps they should put a little thought into what they advertise on the phone. After I had selected the choices for "problem with internet" -> "no connection," they still wanted to advertise their phone service and online troubleshooting feature. Really? They think I'm going to be receptive to getting phone service when my internet service is completely unavailable? And an online troubleshooter, as interactive as it is, is not going to be of use if I CAN'T GET ONLINE.

In other news, comcastmustdie.com

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Vito said...

still need to work on your spelling, Jimbo. that's WRITE, NOT 'right'. it really detracts from your obvious intelligence and wit. oh well, nobody's perfect, but one should still try to do so.