Saturday, February 17, 2007

2 Nights in Dublin

B is going to Dublin, Ireland for two nights, so I thought I'd write a schedule. I visited Dublin this last December, sent by work. I had an amazing time and was able to pick up a lot about the city from walking around, talking to people, and visiting the museums.


The main part of the city is quite small, which makes walking around easy. If you have time, you don't really need a schedule since you can just walk to wherever you feel like visiting next. Additionally, walking around makes it easier to find the place you're going. There's approximately 50 million small streets in Dublin, and if that wasn't enough, the main through streets change their name every couple of blocks. I suspect this is why I never found any Mapquest equivalents for Dublin.

I think the best way to enjoy Dublin is to appreciate the contrast the city has. Visit an old museum, then sit in a bar talking to locals. Visit Kilmainham then view some modern art. One of the reasons visiting other counties is so interesting is because that kind of contrast doesn't really exist in America.

OK, I'll stop rambling now. If you're there for two days, here's what I'd pack in.

Day 1 Morning
  • Check into the Paramount
  • Walk through the street market, get some breakfast at the food square at the beginning of Temple Bar district
  • Walk back past Paramount, take tour of Christchurch, including the crypts.
Day 1 Noon

  • Walk to Guinness Storehouse, take the tour, have a pint in the Gravity Bar
  • Look across the street, see the Digital Hub which is where the Amazon office is
  • Have lunch at Nash's, aka DUB0, on Thomas St.; order Guinness' seasonal beer
Day 1 Afternoon
Day 1 Evening
  • Catch last Hop-on-Hop-off bus, get off at Jameson's Whiskey stop
  • Buy tickets for Jameson tour (discount with bus ticket), buy an Irish Coffee while you wait
  • Sit in the front row during Jameson tour movie, immediately raise your hand when guide asks who wants to be a special taster
  • After tour, cross back over the river on Hapenny bridge and eat at Guel
  • Walk to Peter's Pub off Graffton, sit at the bar, talk to people, try Green Spot, drink Guinness
  • After 10:30p, go to O'Donoghue's watch great live music
  • Stumble back to Porterhouse, across the street from Paramount, drink more
  • If you're hungry, eat at Zaytunes
  • Sleep
Day 2 Morning
  • Have an Irish Breakfast
  • Catch Hop-on-Hop-off bus, listen to tour
  • Hop off at Stephen's Green, walk around
  • Buy Green Spot at Celtic Whiskey
  • Walk along Nassau street, buy things
Day 2 Noon
  • Go to Dawson's Lounge, have pint(s) and lunch (if you are hungrier than a sandwich, eat at Kilkenny's cafe)
  • Walk through Trinity College, see Book of Kells
Day 2 AfternoonDay 2 Evening
  • Get fish & chips at Leo Burdock
  • Go to Bar Restaurant on St. George's St., get a Guinness and a brownie at the bar
  • Walk through Temple Bar, get a cocktail at one of the sleek hotel bars
  • Go back to your favorite bar, or for a longer walk, go to Mulligan's
Day 3 Morning
  • Pack and take cab to airport
  • Have pint and go home. Good job!
What did I misss?

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